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Certified to the ISO 9001:2015 since the day we opened its doors, AU Dental Hospital attaches utmost importance to patient and employee safety. In accordance with Healthcare Accreditation Standards and scientific ethics, we are continually improving our healthcare processes based on shareholder feedback.

Core Values and Policies

Carry out the necessary research and development activities to offer advanced diagnosis and treatment methods for the improvement of oral and dental public health.

Provide high-quality, patients’ rights-centered and modern diagnosis and treatment services designed to meet patient expectations and needs.

Contribute to the academic success of associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s degree health sciences students at Altınbaş University.

With the aim of contributing to the training of health professionals at all levels, help improve quality and increase efficiency in healthcare education and healthcare services in cooperation with other undergraduate schools, particularly with the School of Dentistry, graduate, and vocational schools, and research & application centres operating within Altınbaş University as well as national and international institutions and organizations.

Conduct patient-centered oral and dental research and clinical practices, design academic and training programs on oral and dental health.

Design and develop projects in order to help raise awareness of oral and dental health, thus contribute to public health policies.

Establish cooperation and partnership with public and private healthcare institutions, and provide them with academic/scientific support with the aim of protecting and improving public health.

Organize in-service trainings/courses, panels, seminars etc. in cooperation with national and international healthcare institutions. Launch and manage application centres/units in order to provide support to research, education/learning activities and practices in the field of health services. Carry out inspiring educational activities with the aim of helping university students develop a healthier lifestyle and take active parts in health projects. Release periodical and non-periodical publications, including books, journals, brochures etc., attend scientific forums and debate programs on visual and print media outlets and share our scientific perspective/opinion with the public in order to ensure individuals are provided with detailed knowledge on how to develop a healthier lifestyle. Provide all students and staff with training, learning and self-improvement opportunities. Prevent environmental harm under any circumstances. Not compromise on public and global health ethics under any circumstances. Make sure the quality management system in educational and healthcare services we offer is constantly improved.


In addition to AU dental hospital management staff, the committees listed below have been created to evaluate each process from a multidisciplinary perspective.

  • Quality Improvement and Clinical Governance Committee
  • Patient Safety Committee
  • Employee Safety Committee
  • Infection Prevention and Control Committee
  • Patient Evaluation and Care Committee
  • Information Management Committee
  • Patient Rights, Patient/Family Education Committee
  • Drug Management Committee
  • Human Resources and Training Committee
  • Radiation Safety Committee
  • Facilities Management and Safety Committee



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