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Altınbaş Unıversity Dental Hospital

Launched on October 1st, 2016, Altınbaş University Dental Hospital is the first and only ISO 9001-2015 certified hospital in Turkey. Built on a total surface area of 5000 sqm, AU Dental Hospital stands out as an exemplary healthcare model with its helpful staff, and eco-friendly infrastructure focused on maximum patient comfort.

AU Dental Hospital is a high quality healthcare institution providing patient-centered, evidence-based care and personalized medicine, where the treatment plan of patients is prepared and designed by doctors of dental medicine serving for the respective Academic Divisions. Patient safety, rights and satisfaction is our number one priority. Patient records that are stored in our highly-secure medical data archive system allow us to closely monitor patient treatment and progress.

AU Dental Hospital is equipped with digital imaging systems along with 3 patient-friendly 3 general anaesthesia operating rooms and a state-of-the-art central sterilization unit. Oral microscopic diagnosis and treatment, laser-assisted dental and periodontal procedures are also offered to suitable cases. Strongly focused on patient-centered, evidence-based care and personalized dental medicine, our hospital provides therapy units specially designed for patients with disabilities. Play rooms and activities are available for child patients, also serving as a good place for kids to spend quality time while their parents are undergoing dental treatment.

Each and every employee in our hospital is hired based on high professional standards including their amount of experience, knowledge and academic degree. All hospital staff is regularly provided with professional trainings and seminars designed in accordance with the latest developments and innovations in the technology industry, thus improving our service quality to better meet Patient Healthcare Needs and increase Patient Satisfaction.

By conducting frequent dental and public health screenings, we spare no effort to fulfil our social responsibilities and help younger citizens develop a better sense of oral and dental health.

Conveniently located within a 10-minute walking distance to each mode of public transport, AU Dental Hospital offers a 400-car parking field open 24/7. With such high-quality features, our ultimate is to provide state-of-the-art oral and dental care while helping the community to develop a better sense of oral health and hygiene.



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