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Altınbaş University Dental School

Founded as ‘Istanbul Kemerburgaz University” by Mehmet Altınbaş Education and Culture Foundation in 2008, our University continues to provide education in the Academic Year 2017/2018 under its new name: ‘Altınbaş University’. Established as per the last will of the late business person Mehmet Altınbaş to never ceasing to invest in education, Altınbaş University has always been the most cherished social responsibility project of the Altınbaş family. With its brand new name driven by the power of Altınbaş Holding, the University is now taking firmer and stronger steps towards its new goals.

Having welcomed its first students in the academic year 2011/12, Altınbaş University is growing into an international research university showing its breakthrough progress within a very short period of time. Home to 9 undergraduate schools, 3 graduate schools, 2 vocational schools as of the academic year 2017-2018, Altınbaş University is currently offering 30 bachelor’s degree programmes, 34 associate’s degree programmes, 28 master’s degree programmes and 6 PhD programmes. Academic programmes offered by Altınbaş University are designed to help its alumni make a difference in the professional world, contribute to the global science community, as well as help the University itself become an educational institution focused on the entrepreneurship and innovation, with the ability to analyse Turkey’s and the world’s needs.

Always keeping itself up-to-date with the latest events in the world educational agenda, Altınbaş University continues its mission to become a solution-focused university providing innovation-oriented, free environment of research, and bringing unique contributions into society.

Altınbaş University Dental Hospital and School of Dentistry’s very first academic year started in 2016-2017. The medium of instruction at our School is 30%Turkish, 70% English. Having adopted an academic program parallel to international education systems, Altınbaş University Dental School stands out among other schools with its main objective for training dentists equipped with technological excellence, scientific and emotional intelligence. AU Dental School rapidly adapts all the recent technological development and progress into its academic curriculum. With the support of its dynamic and innovative academic staff, AU Dental School also aims to train bright generations of the future who are truly dynamic, taking a broad perspective towards life and easily adaptable to the age of information and technology. According to faculty members at AU Dental School, every young person has the right to access to high-quality education. In this respect, they do their very best for providing our students with every possible opportunity so they can receive high-quality education. Being a member of Association for Dental Education in Europe, AU Dental School keeps itself up-to-date with the latest developments in the field of dental education. All courses included in our academic program have been prepared in accordance with the competencies that each graduate dentist must meet as set forth by the Association for Dental Education in Europe. With a total area of 40.000 m2, Bakırköy Health Campus is home to AU Dental School, Medical School, School of Pharmacy and Vocational School of Health Services.

Qualities that make AU Dental School stand out among others are: its eco-friendly, high-quality and high-end infrastructure, student-centered learning, international patient safety standards, opportunity to practice English with international students and multicultural learning environment. Comprising 10 professors, 2 associate’s professors and 15 assistant professors, AU Dental School provide each student with 1 dental practice simulation unit and 1 phantom head. Students receive pre-clinical education through practicing on high-end phantom heads in pre-clinical laboratories.

Indirect methods are taught with the use dental loupe in clinical education. Theoretical courses, small group studies and presentations are conducted in 120 person capacity 4 lecture halls and in 65 person capacity 9 classrooms. Also, library services are provided in Altınbaş University Mahmutbey Campus and Dental School in Bakırköy Campus where students can have free access to print and electronic resources for the conduct of detailed and comprehensive researches. Having adopted an academic program parallel to international education systems, Altınbaş University Dental School, with its national and international students coming from different backgrounds and ethnicities, aims to become a one of the leading dental schools of Turkey in the field of education, research and patient care services.

We would be delighted to welcome you all in our School aiming to train dentists who will shape the future of dental practice by achieving excellence in academic education, research and oral-dental health so as to positively contribute in community health care.

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